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Mini cows, mini cattle, mini Panda cows
Welcome to Idlewild, our family-owned farm in the heart of Florida. We raise and sell mini livestock, and specialize in mini cows and mini donkeys.

Our happy herds of registered mini cattle include miniature Herefords, miniature Pandas, and crosses of mini Highland cows and White Park cows. We also raise cross-bred "Crackerfords," which look and act like mini Herefords but are as hardy as Florida Cracker cattle. We breed for small size and good temperament.

These calm, fluffy cows are perfect for families, homesteads, and small- to medium-sized farms and ranches. 


Our mini donkeys are gentle, affectionate, and love to be around humans. We breed registered miniature Mediterranean donkeys in all colors. They'll melt your heart. 


We take tremendous pride in our livestock and our relationship with customers. 


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If you're looking for mini cows and mini donkeys that are loved and cared for, we've got you covered. 


Contact us for more information about our available mini livestock. Our livestock sell quickly, but we have a waiting list!

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