Our handsome miniature Hereford herd is one of the largest in the South East. Some we've selectively bred, others we've acquired from top breeders (as far away as Washington) to introduce new bloodline. All are American Hereford Association registered.


SSR ROYAL CALIBER 10 aka "Caliber" is our current herd sire. He is the pride of our program. His offspring are extremely desirable because he always sires correct, quality polled calves! Born and bred at Straitside Ranch in Sequim, Washington, Caliber now lives the good life down here in Central Florida.


Caliber pasture breeds all our ladies. He knows his job and has a great work ethic! This bull has an incredibly gentle demeanor.  He is easy to handle and work around.  He walks right into the pens, loads into a trailer like a charm and can't resist a rub on the head.  Caliber passes all his desirable personality traits down to his offspring.  


Ozark was one of our first polled cows.  She is one of the older ladies (shhh, don't tell her that) but she absolutely throws the most gorgeous and correct calves.  She is a proven, accomplished mother giving us a calf every year.  She is friendly but with a baby by her side, she is a cautious and protective mother, but never aggressive.  She is a keeper!

Our Herd


"Princess" Kate is a pretty little heifer named after the British monarch.  She was born during the royal wedding of the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge.  We're sure the Princess would be honored by her bovine namesake.  Katie is very special to our farm.  She is bred to Caliber and will be a first time momma cow in 2015.  



Missie knows she is special.  She is one of our favorite moms.  Missie loves to take treats from your hand and although she is not pushy, she is always next to the cart waiting for a hand out.  She is a proven momma and has delivered gorgeous babies into our program.


Bunny has been on our farm for several years now and has proven herself to be a great mother.   She has thrown some impressive calves with gentle personalities, just like momma.  She has a gentle demeanor and is easy to work in the pens.



Stella is one of our young girls.  She had her first calf in 2014.  Stella has a gentle personality and has proven to be a great new mom.  Looking forward to many more nice babies from this girl in the years to come.  


Lilly is best friends with Missie.  She is super friendly and the first to greet you when you come to the pasture.  Just look at those eyes!  Lilly is an excellent momma cow.   She has tons of personality.  Lilly is throwing some gorgeous stock by Caliber.  We have gotten a super nice baby out of her every single year.  


In our ten years of breeding, we have never had a single calving problem with any of our cows.  We monitor the moms-to-be, and watch them closely prior to their expected dates but usually it is a sudden surprise to wake up and find a calf in the morning. Herefords are excellent mothers and often protect the calves of other momma cows in the herd nursery.