Miniature Heritage Hereford beef cattle are better suited for small to medium acreage farms and ranches than their larger counterparts. Heritage Herefords require fewer resources and leave less footprint on your land. These bald face beauties have early maturity, high fertility and great mothering instincts. Their docile nature makes them great companion pets. Many ranchers swear by their higher yield, less waste carcass and large ribeye!

Agricultural Exemption

Mini Heritage Herefords are a prime choice for obtaining agricultural tax exemption on your small ranch or farm property. Enjoy the benefits of ag exemption and a profitable addition to the farm without the environmental or financial impact of larger livestock.  In good conditions, you can run 3-4 heritage cows in place of just one standard sized cow.


"Better" Beef

Looking to raise your own beef? Mini Herefords boast 25% better feed conversion and greater beef production per acre compared to standard-size livestock.  This means less feed costs while minimizing the impact on your pasture and wallet. They have a higher yielding carcass with less percentage of waste which is attributed to their bone size. Producer's explain the small muscles and tendons of the mini's conformation provide more tender meat.  From our experience, and taste, we agree!

Family Friendly


Heritage Herefords are a great addition to family farms looking for a gentle and easy to keep beef breed. Their compact size and gentle disposition make them ideal as 4H projects for young children. Smaller ranches that desire the experience and profit of raising cattle without the impact of a larger breed are turning toward this heritage stock.



Why Choose Mini Heritage Herefords?