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Why Choose Mini Cattle?

Miniature cows are perfect for small- to medium-sized farms and ranches. They're easy to work with, need less feed, and cause less impact than larger livestock. People buy our cattle as pets or to raise their own grass-fed beef. Our mini cattle have a docile nature that makes them great for families. Some people also say they produce better beef than standard cattle with high carcass yields, little waste, and large ribeyes.

Feeding time for the mini cattle herd.
Agricultural Exemption

Mini cattle are a good choice for agricultural tax exemption on your small property. Enjoy the benefits of "ag exemption" and a profitable addition to the farm without the impact of larger livestock. You can have multiple mini cows in place of just one large cow.


Feeding mini Herefords.
"Better Beef"

Looking to raise your own beef? Mini cattle can have better feed conversion and greater beef production per acre compared to large livestock. This means lower feed costs and less impact on your pasture and your wallet. Meat eaters also love their tender steaks. 

Calm mini cows
Family Friendly


Mini cows are a great addition to family farms that want gentle and easy-to-keep cattle. Their small size and gentle disposition make them ideal as 4H projects for young children or pets for the family. Smaller ranches are turning towards mini cattle for the experience and profit of raising livestock without the impact of larger breeds.



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