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Colin and Kelly

For over a decade we've been breeding AHA Registered Miniature Herefords and cross bred "Crackerford" cattle at our family ranch in the heart of Florida. We began with a just a few head which we selectively grew into our current stock.  We maintain the largest herd of Registered. Heritage Herefords in Florida. We operate a family agricultural business and are committed to being quality caregivers of our animals and good stewards of the land.


Our cattle freely roam green pastures and are primarily grass fed.  During winter, the herd is supplemented with hay rolls.  We provide nominal cattle cube grain to keep our stock 'feed tame' and people friendly.  They come when we whistle, eat from our hands and let us pet their curly headsWhen appropriate, we introduce "new blood" for the health of our herd to ensure a genetically diverse breeding program.


Our passion and love for animals and open spaces drew us to ranch life.  It is very gratifying to share the joy of cattle-keeping with other families who are interested in starting their own herd and living this lifestyle. For current photos and more information, visit our Facebook farm page, FLIP, LLC.

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