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Crackerfords: A Bit of Mixed Tradition


Our unique, small and hardy Crackerford cattle are a commercial cross between a Registered Miniature Heritage Hereford bull and a Florida Cracker cow.  


Florida Cracker Cattle are one of the oldest and rarest breeds in United States.  They are descendants of the Spanish stock brought to Florida in the 16th century by Spanish Conquistadors and developed right here in Florida. They are a small, horned breed that is prized for their resistance to parasites, heat, and drought. They weigh generally under 900 pounds and don gorgeous hides that come in a variety of colors.


Many of our clients desire small, hardy & docile cattle for their property, without investing in registered stock. Crackerford fit that criteria perfectly.  By crossing our Registered Miniature Hereford bull with our Florida Cracker cows, we get offspring that resemble Herefords and an occasional speckled or brindle hide.  They maintain the size and docile temperament of the Hereford but have the hardy stamina and resiliance of the Florida Cracker Cow.  It's a winning combination!   

General Lee (AHA Registered Miniature Hereford)


Lee was our first Registered American Hereford Association (AHA) Miniature bull.  He has been with us for almost ten years now. He is small framed with correct proportions.  We have retained him as our herd sire for the commercial crackerford cattle stock.  The crackerfords he sires typically maintain his bald face, rich orange coat, docile demeanor, and tidy conformation.  Lee may be small but he knows his job and gets it done without fail.  Lee is proof that good things do come in small packages.

Florida Cracker Cow


Florida Cracker Beef Cattle are one of the oldest and rarest breeds in United States. They are descended from Spanish stock imported to this continent in the16th century by the Spanish Conquistadors.  


The Florida Cracker breed developed right here in the state of Florida.  They are a small, horned breed that quickly adapted to the Florida landscape and have long been prized for their resistance to parasites, ability to endure the harsh Florida climate and sustain themselves on sparse vegetation.  They are small framed, generally under 900 pounds, with gorgeous hides that come in a variety of colors. 


Ginger & Max - 1st & 2nd Generation Crackerfords


Ginger is a 1st generation Crackerford (Hereford x Cracker). Even though she is half Miniature Hereford, she resembles her Florida Cracker dam.  Note her small size, pretty markings and horns. Crackers are exceptionally hardy beef cattle, which makes for a manageable and economical breed.   After weaning, Ginger was hand raised on our farm and is very tame.  Her bull calf, Max, is the first of our 2nd generation Crackerfords, making him 3/4 Heritage Hereford.  Isn't he a cutey?

Crackerford Calves


These calves are an excellent example of our crackerford stock.  Genetics determine the outcome but most of the calves are unmistakably Herefords.  Some resemble their Florida Cracker mother and have more colorful hides.  All have the extra bonus of the cross bred hardiness.  

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